MBA UK entry requirements for international students

MBA Entry Requirements in the UK

Academic and GMAT entry requirements for international
students applying to an MBA school in the UK.

UK MBA Entry Requirements

Deciding to study an MBA is a huge commitment, and it is important you are aware of the criteria needed before beginning the application process.

At least an upper second class honours degree or equivalent is required, and a minimum of three (preferably five) years full-time continuous work experience of a managerial nature.

The GMAT Exam

A number of schools require students to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The GMAT is for students wanting to take an MBA. The GMAT tests skills in:

  • Analytical Writing: Argument analysis
  • Integrated Reasoning: Graphics and table analysis
  • Quantitative Aptitude: ability to read a passage and problem solve
  • Verbal: Critical reasoning and sentence correction

You have three and a half hours to complete the exam. It is unique that if you answer questions correctly, you are given harder ones worthy of more points; answer incorrectly though and you will be given easier questions worth fewer.

GMAT Exam Scoring

Test ModuleScoring
Verbal Scaled 0 to 60 (75 minutes)
Quantitative 0 to 60 (75 minutes)
Analytical Writing 0 to 6 (30 minutes)
Integrated Reasoning 1 to 8 (30 minutes)
Total Scaled Score 200 to 800

In the quantitative and verbal sections, students score between 0 and 60. Scores of over 50 in either are very rare.

Temporary scores are generated at the end of the test and the final scores go online after 20 days once the essay is manually read and graded. Scores are valid for five years, with a score of 600 considered good and over 660 excellent.

GMAT Exam Preparation

Students should spend at least six months preparing for the GMAT. If your use of English is better than your mathematics, then focus on solving quantitative problems. If it is the opposite, then read.

It is important to read newspapers (The Times, Daily Telegraph and Guardian) and rewrite the articles in your own words. There are many websites offering GMAT mock-tests, while some websites also analyse your test performance and give you reports with advice.

How we can help

Do you need assistance in preparing for the GMAT exam? Arrange a free consultation at SI-UK today.

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